Different Types Of Meal Menus Served

Published: 23rd September 2011
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A Menu is a list of dishes available in a restaurant. The quality and diversity of food served which includes nutritional value, impressive appearance and taste play a vital role in hotel business. Hence Menu Planning is of extreme importance.

Types of Menu:
There are mainly two different types of menus. The Table d Hote Menu and A la Carte Menu.
Other kinds of menu are: Combination Menu and Cyclic menu. Apart from these, special party menu for Banquets , Buffets, and Formal parties can be tailor made.

1. A la Carte:
It basically means a menu having separately priced dishes. A la Carte menu consists of a varied sequence of dishes and courses, i.e. from starters to desserts. Each dish is priced individually giving the customer the privilege of choice that can be made according to his appetite, mood and which suits his pocket. It also designates the option to order a main course item alone that is otherwise served with a side or starter dish, such as soup or salad. They are always cooked according to order.

2. Table d Hote:
Unlike the a la carte, this is a fixed menu in which there are pre-planned dishes and offered at a set price. It is usually a meal of three or four courses and is cooked in advance. It is set in classic sequence and is changed daily or may be used in rotation. In catering, this type of service means multiple dishes are provided on the table for people to share, creating a type of mini-buffet at each table.

3. Combination Menu:
As the name suggests, a combination menu is a la carte with a special dish for the day attached to it. The special dish could be a set of dishes with an accompaniment as a plated meal offered in a table d hote.

4. Cyclic Menu:
In certain cases, Menus are planned in advance for varying periods of time in case of hotels, hospitals, home etc. Cyclic Menu is such type of menu which are cycled or repeated. Cyclic menus aim at ensuring optimum nutrition as well as offering a variety of foods so as to not bore the people eating.

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